Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about how to use CarWash Pass

CarWash Pass is a membership club that gives you unlimited (up to one per day) car washes at any participating location in our growing network of car washes. 

Yes, it’s really free! Join CarWash Pass, and enjoy up to one car wash per day. Cancel before the end of the trial period, and there will be no charge.
Currently, only our basic plan is available. This includes an exterior wash and may include additional amenities that vary by car wash. The app will show the detailed list of what’s included at each wash. In the near future, we will offer premium plans, which include additional services, and the option to upgrade a basic wash with additional services. These service will vary by location.
  1. Use the app to locate participating washes.
  2. Confirm the car wash you want to use when you arrive
  3. Request a code.
  4. Enter the code on the panel or scan the bar code provided.
  5. Enjoy your clean car!

Now available for download

Available on both App Store and Google Play