Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about how to use CarWash Pass

CarWash Pass is a membership club that gives you unlimited (up to one per day) express car washes at  participating locations and chains in our growing network. All memberships include discounts on other car care services such as full-service car washes and detailing at participating locations. 

Once you join on the CarWashPass website, you can show your printed membership card or the membership card on your mobile device, and receive an RFID tag on your car that will automatically give you the level of wash associated with your plan at any that wash, or any wash in the chain. Some washes may use license plate readers instead.

Three levels are currently available. The Gold Plans include an upgraded car wash, and the Platinum plans include additional amenities.  See the interactive map to see what is included at your favorite washes.  The Basic plan includes only the additional discounts on car care services, which are also included in the Gold and Platinum plans.

Show your membership card at the new chain. You will be issued a new RFID tag for that wash/chain, and your old one will be removed and/or deactivated.

You can login to the CarWashPass website and cancel at any time.  Your membership will remain valid until the end of your current billing period.

Each membership can be associated with only one vehicle. Membership may be transferred to another vehicle.  Please contact customer service to tranfer a membership. In the near future, we will offer discounted plans for additional family members.